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Terra Cotta Heritage Foundation

1. Commentary from Channel 2 News about museum:

​    Residents Work To Preserve Greensboro’s Terra Cotta Neighborhood

2. Channel 8 TV News Story About Terra Cotta Day 2012:

    Community Gathers for Terra Cotta Festival in Greensboro

3. Channel 2 TV News Stories
     Who's Responsible? Abandoned Greensboro Cemetery In Shambles 
     Folks With Family Ties Clean Up Age-Old Cemetery
     Greensboro Cemetery Owners Explain Restoration

4. Walk through Community (Lee Walton - U-Tube)

5. PBS Radio Broadcast (Terra Cotta Project)
    Terra Cotta Radio Broadcast

6. News and Record Newspaper article - Remembering Terra Cotta
    Home fires still burning in TERRA COTTA